Ramswaroop Koli was accused of pigeon betting


Reportedly the commotion continues regarding the lok sabha elections in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the fight on Bharatpur seat has become interesting. Bahujan Samaj party (BSP) has given ticket to engineer Anjila on this seat. In such a situation, there will be a triangular contest on Bharatpur lok sabha seat. Now it remains to be seen who the Bahujan Samaj party candidate does more harm to.

Perhaps Anjila is a resident of Ajmer and Anjila's in-laws house is in village Raanf of Pahari tehsil area of Deeg district. Anjila has studied B.Tech-M.Tech. Bharatpur lok sabha seat is reserved for Scheduled Caste. BJP's Ranjita Koli won the 2019 lok sabha elections. This time, by cutting the ticket of mp Ranjita Koli, bjp has expressed confidence in Ramswaroop Koli. All three parties bjp, congress and BSP have announced their candidates for Bharatpur lok sabha seat.

Ramswaroop Koli became mp in 2004 by contesting the Bayana lok sabha seat on bjp ticket. In the 2018 assembly elections, bjp had made Ramswaroop Koli its candidate from Vair assembly seat, but Ramswaroop Koli had to data-face defeat in the assembly elections. In the year 2007, Ramswaroop Koli was also accused of pigeonholing. congress party has made Sanjana Jatav its candidate for Bharatpur lok sabha seat. Sanjana Jatav has contested the rajasthan assembly elections in the year 2023 on congress ticket from Kathumar assembly seat of Alwar district. Sanjana Jatav had lost the assembly elections by only 409 votes. congress has again gambled on Sanjana Jatav. Sanjana Jatav has entered the election fray by making her Bharatpur lok sabha candidate. Sanjana Jatav is also a member of Alwar district Council.

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