Why Prahlad Gunjal's attack on BJP?


Reportedly just before the lok sabha elections, bjp has suffered a setback in Rajasthan. Former bjp mla from Kota North Prahlad Gunjal joined hands with congress on thursday (21 March). After joining congress, he fiercely targeted BJP. He said that politics of one family is going on. I have not come into politics to become a slave of any leader's brothers. I have not come into politics to succeed any leader. Inspired by principles, I have come into politics by associating myself with the principles of living values.

Meanwhile as soon as she took membership of congress, Gunjal made a direct attack on a big leader of bjp and Kota. Without taking names, he said that today he has left bjp and joined Congress. Struggled for the common man for 40 years from his student days till today. Now it is felt that there is an atmosphere of fear in the country. The tendency to suppress the voice of the common man with the power of power has become a challenge.

While addressing the workers in Jaipur, Gunjal said that an attempt is being made to buy selfishness with the power of power. In today's time, oppression is becoming the character of politics. If selfish people do not unite to save their existence, their data-face will be ruined. In bjp, instead of politics of principle, there is a deception of propaganda. One person's family has taken over the politics of Kota. The workers are shedding tears of blood. Former cm Ashok Gehlot said that only such leaders will strengthen the fight for justice.

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