First let us know who is this Pradeep Sharma?


Earlier on Tuesday, march 18, 2024, the bombay high court has sentenced a former mumbai police officer, pradeep sharma, to life imprisonment in the fake encounter case of Ramnarayan Gupta alias Lakhan Bhaiya in 2006. In this decision, the court upheld the life imprisonment of 13 other people along with pradeep Sharma. Which includes 12 policemen and one civilian.

Perhaps this is not the first time that former officer pradeep sharma has been in the news. During his career, he has 113 encounters recorded in his name. Pradeep's life has been in discussion so many times that a Marathi film named 'Rege' has also been made on him. In such a situation, we will know in detail in this article who is pradeep sharma, who was involved in 113 police encounters and why was he given life imprisonment.

Furthermore pradeep is originally from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. His father was a professor of english in a college in Dhule, Maharashtra. Due to his job, his family also lived in maharashtra and pradeep received his early education from Dhule school only. In the year 1983, pradeep was selected for maharashtra police service and his first posting was given at Mahim police station in Mumbai. Here he worked for a few years and then he was transferred to the Special Branch of bombay police in Juhu. When pradeep joined Special Forces, the bombay of that time was quite different from today's Mumbai. That year was 1990, and in that decade the underworld was quite dominant.

Frustrated with these underworld people, the government had formed a special team to crack down on them and pradeep sharma and some officers of the Crime Branch of mumbai police were brought into this team. His goal was to rid maharashtra of underworld criminals as soon as possible. This is the reason why this team started dealing with people associated with the underworld and during that time many encounters were conducted. At that time, this team was very much discussed and this team of special police officers came to be called encounter specialists.

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