Why is former cabinet minister Anil Viji angry?


Accordingly after the dissolution of the Manohar Lal cabinet in haryana recently, the bjp high command has made Naib Singh saini the new chief minister of the state. haryana chief minister Nayab Singh saini said on wednesday (20 March) that Anil Vij is his senior leader and he will go and meet him. He further said that he will continue to get guidance from Vij. Senior bjp leader and former home minister Anil Vij has not got a place in the Saini-led cabinet. There are speculations that Anil Vij is angry with this. It is being told that without taking him into confidence, the party decided to remove manohar lal khattar and make Naib Singh saini the new chief minister of Haryana.

Perhaps while talking to the media on the sidelines of a party meeting in Rohtak, chief minister Nayab Singh saini was asked why Anil Vij was angry? In response to this, chief minister Naib Singh saini said, "No one is angry. Anil Vij Saheb is our leader, a senior leader, we get his guidance. He further said that we will get his guidance in future also. He said that he is Anil Vij Sahib."

According to the reports published in the media, during the cabinet expansion of haryana chief minister Nayab Singh saini, 8 MLAs were sworn in recently. It was being speculated that former minister Anil Vij would also be given a place in the new cabinet. However, Anil Vij did not get a place in the new government. Anil Vij got angry with this. At present, a total of 6 cabinet ministers and 7 state ministers have been assigned independent charge in the state government. Anil Vij had walked away angrily during the bjp legislature party meeting, in which Nayab Singh saini was unanimously elected as the chief minister of Haryana. When he was asked about the cabinet expansion, he clearly denied it and said that he had no knowledge about the cabinet expansion. Former home minister of haryana, Anil Vij has been mla from Ambala Cantonment 6 times.

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