Shimla Muthucholan became popular across Tamil Nadu!

Shimla Muthucholan sidelined in DMK. 15 days after joining ADMK Nellie candidate.. mass shows EPS

Shimla muthu Cholan has been announced as the candidate for Nellie constituency in the parliamentary elections. It is noteworthy that he joined AIADMK from DMK 15 days ago.

Parliamentary election date has been announced. After this, AIADMK and DMK announced the candidates who will contest the elections. DMK-AIADMK is directly contesting in 18 constituencies. In this, Nellie candidate shimla muthu Cholan announced on behalf of AIADMK left DMK and joined AIADMK on march 7. The fact that he was immediately given the opportunity to contest the election has created a sensation in the political circle. So the question arises who is this shimla muthu Cholan.

Shimla gave a dub to Jayalalithaa

DMK deputy general secretary was former minister S.P. Sargunapandian, who was .R.K. He contested the nagar constituency and won many times. Following this, Jayalalitha, who was the general secretary of AIADMK, entered the field in the 2016 rk Nagar election. The DMK field fielded S.P. Sargunapandian's relation shimla Muthucholan to give him a dub. If jayalalithaa contests in a constituency, the winning margin will be at least more than 50 thousand. But jayalalitha was able to win in shimla Muthucholan by a margin of 30 thousand votes.

Shimla Muthucholan became popular across tamil Nadu as he contested against Jayalalithaa. So he expected DMK to give him a chance in the subsequent elections. But DMK did not give an opportunity. Following this, shimla Muthucholan joined AIADMK last month after meeting AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami. Following this, shimla muthu Cholan has been announced as Nellie's candidate in the list of parliamentary election candidates announced by AIADMK.

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