Lot of excitement in AIADMK circles!

Disable the double leaf icon; OPS who took the last astra in hand; Is AIADMK wrong?

A petition has been filed by Panneerselvam in the election commission asking that the double leaf symbol should be disabled in the coming parliamentary elections and separate symbols should be assigned to both the OPS and EPS parties.

After the demise of former chief minister Jayalalithaa, several key leaders have been removed from the AIADMK, each of them has been operating as a separate team. In that order, O. Panneerselvam was finally expelled from the party. Panneerselvam, who was the primary coordinator of the former party until his removal, is now operating as a solo team.

Also, he is meeting the volunteers by holding district wise meetings under the name of AIADMK Volunteers Rights Recovery Committee. In this situation, Panneerselvam's side accepted the request of Edappadi Palaniswami to ban the use of the AIADMK's flag, symbol and letterhead.

In this case, an urgent petition has finally been filed in the election commission by O. Panneerselvam. In the petition filed by O. Panneerselvam's supporter Bhujahendi, the AIADMK is divided into two factions. AIADMK is very much weakened as the factions split. If they compete in the double-leaf symbol, it will be a disaster. Therefore, it has been suggested that the double leaf symbol should be disabled and a common symbol should be assigned to both sides.

Pugahendi said that he has filed this petition because the volunteers do not want the double leaf symbol to fail miserably. This has created a lot of excitement in AIADMK circles.

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