Anurag Thakur sought to paint INDIA bloc as 'Anti-Shakti' or 'Anti-Hindu' while dubbing Rahul Gandhi's statement as "Mental Bankruptcy"

As per report Union Information and Broadcasting minister Anurag Thakur came down heavily on the INDI alliance over congress mp rahul Gandhi’s ‘I will fight Shakti’ remark that had kicked a political storm. Speaking at the Rising Bharat Summit 2024 on Wednesday, Thakur sought to paint the INDI alliance as ‘anti-Shakti’ or ‘anti-Hindu’ while dubbing Gandhi’s statement as “mental bankruptcy” without naming the wayanad MP. “The Hindu Sanatana is devoted to Shakti. But there are a few who want to crush Sanatana and want to fight Shakti. people worship shakti, but here some want to fight them. It may be their mental bankruptcy,” said Thakur.

Perhaps when asked what ‘Shakti’ means to him, Thakur replied, “If we are talking about shakti, we see shakti in each woman, every daughter and every sister.” On Tuesday, Union women and Child Development minister Smriti Irani had said that shakti to her is “Durga and Desh”. Tearing into the congress leader and upping BJPs ante ahead of a high-profile lok sabha election, Thakur warned, “No one has been able to crush Sanatana and won’t be able to in the future. No one has so far been able to suppress shakti, and neither can they in the future.”

Not just the congress, Thakur lashed out at the entire india bloc, calling it “anti-Hindu” citing tamil Nadu minister Udayanidhi Stalin’s ‘Sanatana’ remark and how “one state stopped ram mandir inauguration live telecast in temples” while referring to DMK-ruled tamil Nadu. Udayanidhi stalin had made remarks comparing ‘Sanatana Dharma’ to diseases like ‘malaria’ and ‘dengue’ while advocating for its elimination. Thakur also cited the recent statement made by DMK mp A raja deriding Lord Ram. Raking up recent incidents from West Bengal’s Sandeshkhali, where women alleged sexual harassment by suspended TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan, Thakur said, “In Sandeshkhali, shakti was crushed and disrespected under the nose of a woman Chief minister, but protection was given to the leader who is directly linked to her party.”

Congress leader rahul gandhi had whipped up a storm after he promised to fight “Shakti”, saying, “There is a word ‘Shakti’ in Hinduism. We are fighting against a Shakti.” The statement had prompted prime minister Narendra Modi to say that he would fight to defend ‘Shakti’ with his life. rahul gandhi later clarified, accusing the bjp of “always trying to change the meaning of my words by twisting them in some way or the other”, while stressing that he had spoken about a “power that has captured institutions, media, industry, and the entire constitutional structure of India.”

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