PM Modi joined by TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan in the public meeting

Reportedly ahead of the lok sabha elections scheduled to start from april 19 onwards and the andhra pradesh assembly elections, prime minister Narendra Modi is set to address a grand national democratic alliance rally ’Prajagalam, ‘(the voice of the public) on sunday evening in Palnadu district. This is the first joint public meeting of nda partners in andhra pradesh after ten years. Modi has been joined by tdp supremo N chandrababu naidu and janasena chief pawan kalyan in the public meeting, this being the first time all the three leaders shared the stage in a rally for the 2024 polls.

Jana Sena party president Pawan Kalyan, in his address, referred the elections to be as ‘Kurukshetra’ and stated ‘This is the fight for dharma and we will win it’. Following Pawan Kalyan’s speech, tdp President chandrababu naidu occupied the stage and welcomed the prime minister on behalf of 5 crore telugu people. He further said, “Modi is Vishwaguru. Modi means development, welfare future. Modi is our pride.” Named Prajagalam, the meeting will mark the first nda election meeting in andhra pradesh in the run-up to the simultaneous Legislative assembly and lok sabha polls scheduled on May 13. janasena said Prajagalam is aimed at “chasing away atrocious politics” for the golden future of Andhra Pradesh. The tdp, janasena and bjp are mobilising their cadres in large numbers for the meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, the tdp released a special logo featuring the images of Modi, Naidu and Kalyan. The nda partners finalised their seat sharing formula for the lok sabha and state polls following a marathon discussion held at Naidu’s andhra pradesh residence in undavalli on march 11, under which the bjp will contest six lok sabha and 10 assembly seats while the tdp will fight in 17 parliamentary and 144 state seats. Pawan Kalyan’s janasena will contest two lok sabha and 21 assembly seats. Naidu has announced the names of 128 candidates for the assembly polls while 16 more are due, which may be announced any time now. The janasena has announced seven candidates so far, with kalyan fighting the assembly election from pithapuram constituency. The bjp is yet to announce its list of its candidates for the polls. Naidu said days ago that under the dynamic and visionary leadership of PM Modi, the bjp, janasena and tdp have decided to contest the lok sabha and assembly elections in andhra pradesh together.

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