Will Seema Haider not get the benefit of CAA?


Perhaps just before the lok sabha elections, Modi government has issued a notification on monday (11 March) to implement the citizenship amendment act (CAA). This cleared the way for non-Muslim and religiously oppressed people from India's three Muslim-majority neighboring countries (Pakistan, afghanistan and Bangladesh) to become indian citizens. Now seema Haider, who came to india from pakistan, has reacted on the implementation of caa in the country. seema Haider is celebrating the implementation of caa and has also distributed Rasgulla.

Meanwhile after the central government announced the implementation of caa, seema Haider, the Pakistani woman who had entered india illegally to marry Sachin, a man she met through online games, has stayed with her family in Noida, UP. We are very happy, seema said, “We congratulate the government of India. PM Modi has fulfilled what he promised.'' seema Haider may not be a direct beneficiary of caa, but she has celebrated a lot. He will not get its benefit because he is a Muslim and Muslims are not included in CAA.

seema Haider may have celebrated but she will not get the benefit because she is a Muslim and came to india after 2014. Because the caa law provides for granting indian citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis who entered india from Bangladesh, pakistan and afghanistan on or before december 31, 2014, after living here for five years.

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