Why doesn't Arvind Kejriwal speak about implementing CAA?

Perhaps since delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal's statement on the citizenship amendment act came to light, bjp has taken a tough stance against him. Taking aim at the cm, delhi bjp President Virendra Sachdeva said that arvind kejriwal is suffering from the politics of a particular religion. Now will he tell how the country will run? The cm of delhi, who has been involved in many corruption cases in the last ten years, has lost his grassroots politics. According to Virendra Sachdeva, cm arvind kejriwal has to do only the politics of religion because he has lost all human sensitivity. This is the reason why his language has become like that of asaduddin owaisi and mamata Banerjee. Till date, there has not been a single statement from arvind kejriwal on Rohingya Muslims, even though chief minister Kejriwal's government has been in delhi for the last 10 years.

When cornering cm kejriwal, he said that the tax that kejriwal is talking about today, he gives a salary of Rs 42 thousand to the clerics of delhi with the same tax money. Whereas till date kejriwal has never opened his mouth for the rights of any priest, priest or priests. The people of delhi want to know the answer to his double attitude.

According to the delhi bjp President, everyone knew that the BJP's manifesto had talked about implementing CAA. Today when it is being implemented, kejriwal is trying to give it a political color on the basis of religion. At the same time, he also said that the kejriwal government is infiltrating and providing shelter to Rohingya Muslims who come to India. They maintain silence on the ill-treatment of Hindu and Sikh women in pakistan and Afghanistan. Still, that is a matter of another country, they are not able to even criticize the Sandeshkhaali of the country.

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