Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan reduced VAT on petrol diesel in Rajasthan by 2 percent


Reportedly before the upcoming lok sabha elections, BJP's Bhajanlal government has given a big gift to the people of Rajasthan. Now there is going to be relief in the prices of petrol and diesel in the state. At the same time, dearness allowance of government employees is also going to increase. chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma himself has announced this.

Perhaps let us tell you, Bhajan Lal government of rajasthan has reduced the VAT on petrol diesel in rajasthan by 2 percent in the cabinet meeting. Due to two percent reduction in VAT, petrol will become cheaper by Rs 1.40 to 5.30 paise in the state. At the same time, diesel will be cheaper by Rs 1.34 to Rs 4.85. The new rates will be applicable from 6.00 am on friday 15th March. This two percent reduction will put an annual burden of Rs 1500 crore on the state government.

Let us tell you that currently in rajasthan, 31 percent VAT was imposed on petrol and 18 percent VAT on diesel. Apart from this, dearness allowance of state employees has been increased by 4%. 8 lakh government employees of rajasthan will benefit from the increase in DA. 4.40 lakh pensioners will also get the benefit of increased dearness allowance. It has been seen many times that whenever the central government announces increase in DA, within some time an increase in dearness allowance is announced for the employees of Rajasthan. At the same time, earlier in rajasthan, during the code of conduct for assembly elections, DA was increased by four percent on october 31. At the same time, now after about four months, before the lok sabha elections, the employees of rajasthan are going to get this gift again.

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