What is Diya Kumari's opinion on CAA?


Presently this time, bjp, which is preparing for the upcoming lok sabha elections, has given the slogan of 'crossing 400'. In this sequence, MPs and the state government are also working on 'Mission-25' to win all the 25 lok sabha seats of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, a big statement has come from rajasthan deputy cm diya Kumari. He said that this time also all the lok sabha candidates of bjp will win on all the seats of rajasthan and this time bjp will win by more margin than before.

Meanwhile on the citizenship amendment act i.e. caa, Rajasthan's deputy cm and bjp leader diya Kumari said, 'This is an important decision, I welcome it. It is good if people who are minorities in other countries are given citizenship of our country. The way they are being tortured in other countries is very unfortunate. If our country is giving them citizenship, it is a good step and I appreciate it. At the same time, deputy chief minister diya Kumari also gave a statement on the budget of Rajasthan. He said that this time cm Bhajan Lal's government had made many announcements in the budget. There is definitely a complete focus on tourism in the budget. prime minister Narendra Modi is promoting our country all over the world. The government of rajasthan is working hard to fulfill his vision.

Moreover diya Kumari further said that the Bhajanlal government is trying its best to attract more and more tourists to rajasthan and make the state the number one tourist destination in the entire country. rajasthan used to be the number one destination earlier also but now it has reached number 5. it's sad. Therefore, now efforts are being made to find out those reasons and make improvements. Connectivity is being improved in every city. Besides, work is also being done on infrastructure. A lot of emphasis has been laid on infrastructure in the budget also.

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