Vote for your children, only then life will improve - Prashant Kishore


As per report prashant kishor, the founder of Jan Suraj Abhiyan, said on wednesday that if you cast a vote worth lakhs of rupees in the name of caste and in the name of 5 kg of grain, then if you do not remain poor then who will? people in bihar do not want to improve. people sit for 5 years and cry that there is no food, no education, no employment, no drains, no streets, but if there is voting tomorrow, you will forget all these things. At the time of voting, the people of bihar want only two things. Jaat for talking and Bhaat for eating. At the same time, he further said that the people of bihar will not improve. Even if it lasts for 17 years. Showing you a way. Vote for whoever you want, vote only for the leader of your caste, but next time be selfish while voting. Look at your own interests, look at the interests of your children.

Meanwhile prashant kishore said that the leaders have given you the garland of caste for 25-30 years. All the people have been divided in this. At the same time, some leaders have distributed grains. As long as you keep voting on the basis of caste, your children will not be benefited. I am roaming from village to village to tell this. He further said that at the time of elections, leaders will come and say vote for the country, vote for the society if you want to win, vote because temples have been built, vote for Lalu if you want to defeat him.

The election strategist said that we are teaching you a mantra. Vote for whomever you want, but vote for your children once in your life. Not for the leaders, not for the country, not in the name of caste, vote for your children, only then life will improve.

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