Dhananjay Singh sees hope of contesting elections


Former strong mp from Jaunpur dhananjay Singh filed an appeal in allahabad High Court. He has challenged the 7-year sentence given by the Special mp MLA court of Jaunpur. dhananjay Singh has appealed to the high court to cancel the sentence and grant him bail till the verdict comes. dhananjay Singh's appeal can be heard in allahabad high court after three days. The single bench of Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh will hear the appeal. There was talk of dhananjay Singh contesting the lok sabha elections.

dhananjay Singh reached HC for relief

Jaunpur court sentenced seven years of imprisonment in a four-year-old kidnapping case. Now the former mp has demanded a stay on the punishment from the High Court. With the stay on punishment, the way for dhananjay Singh to contest the lok sabha elections may be cleared. It is being said that dhananjay Singh's lawyer will demand hearing on the appeal tomorrow. A request will be made to the high court that the case should be heard immediately on the basis of urgency. If the urgency appeal is approved, the hearing can take place tomorrow itself.

Demand for hearing on the basis of urgency

Now it remains to be seen whether the high court stays the sentence of Jaunpur court or not. If the sentence is stayed, dhananjay Singh can contest for elections. dhananjay Singh is currently ineligible to contest elections due to his 7-year imprisonment. Under the People's Representation Act, a person sentenced to more than 2 years of imprisonment cannot contest elections. Former mp dhananjay Singh has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment from the MPMLA court of Jaunpur. The case is related to a four year old kidnapping case.

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