This decision was not easy for Akhilesh Yadav?


Three candidates have filed nominations from SP for the elections to be held on 13 seats of UP Legislative Council. It was not that easy for SP President akhilesh yadav to seal the names of these three. Actually, akhilesh yadav first wanted to send Guddu Jamali, Kiranpal Kashyap and Alok Shakya, who recently came from BSP, to the Legislative Council. His name was almost approved but then Balram Yadav expressed his objection.

Balram Yadav clearly said that this time he wants to go to the Legislative Council. For this he also cited his age. Akhilesh Yadav's first choice was Mainpuri district President Alok Shakya, but he had to bow down to Balram Yadav's insistence.

Bowed to Balram Yadav's insistence

According to the news, akhilesh yadav tried to convince Balram Yadav for a long time, after which an attempt was made to talk to Alok Shakya by making him sit data-face to data-face. Balram Yadav also cited his age in front of the SP President, in view of which Shakya himself stepped back. This time the SP President also tried to keep his PDA formula together. SP has further strengthened the fort of Azamgarh by sending Guddu Jamali from BSP to the Legislative Council. Jamali has a lot of influence in this area. In the last by-election, he had got more than 2.5 lakh votes.

SP's third candidate kiran Pal Kashyap is also one of the founding members of the party. His name was already sealed. He is considered to have a strong hold on Kashyap voters. SP's effort is to include people from as many castes as possible in the party. Taking a lesson from the rajya sabha elections, SP did not even field an additional candidate this time.

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