Mukesh Sahni gave a big statement before going to Delhi


Vikassheel Insaan party (VIP) national president mukesh Sahani spoke to the media at patna airport on sunday before leaving for Delhi. During this he said that he keeps coming and going to delhi and you people also know this. It is election time and the code of conduct is about to be implemented, so in such a situation, political parties everywhere definitely want to do coalition politics. If there are many things to consider, it becomes easier to go to Delhi. Everything has to be done from delhi only.

VIP party has its place in Bihar- mukesh Sahni

mukesh Sahni said that we are going to delhi because we have a lot of personal work to do. There is no need to think much, but VIP party has its place in Bihar. Talking about the last by-election, whether there is a grudge or a grudge, if we target those who are our enemies, they lose the election. Certainly, those who want to win maximum number of seats need a VIP party.

'Nishad community has reservation in many states'

Further the VIP chief said that we also have an agenda that why should we do politics? We will definitely form an alliance with whoever agrees to our point and accepts our demands. Work with the government in the country. When there is reservation for Nishad community in various states then why is there no reservation in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand? We will form an alliance with whoever accepts our demand, be it nda or 'India' alliance. Certainly if our government is formed then we will also reduce what we are saying.

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