Akash Anand gave political message by sharing his video


Bahujan Samaj party leader akash Anand shared a video on Friday. BSP founder Kanshi ram was also seen in this video. anand has given a political message through this video. Pictures of akash Anand and mayawati are visible in the 1 minute 39 second video. While sharing the video, anand wrote on social media site

Many meanings are being made by sharing this video before the lok sabha elections. Political experts believe that at a time when there are reports about BSP MPs in UP leaving or having left the party, akash Anand is giving a message to the party to remain united. BSP Chief mayawati has declared akash Anand as her successor. However, at present he does not have the responsibility of UP and Uttarakhand. mayawati has kept this responsibility with herself for now. In the 2022 state assembly elections, BSP won one seat and got less than 13 percent of the votes. akash Anand came into political limelight in 2019 when he stood up for his aunt in an election rally.

Know about akash Anand-

Mayawati's brother and son of BSP vice president anand Kumar, 28-year-old akash has an MBA degree from a london institute. During the 2017 state assembly elections, 22-year-old akash accompanied mayawati to public meetings, marking his initial foray into active participation in the party. In january 2019, following the pre-poll alliance between SP and BSP, akash joined BSP national general secretary S.C. to welcome SP president akhilesh yadav during his visit to Mayawati's bungalow in Lucknow. Was present with Mishra.

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