Senior leader resigns from Uttarakhand Congress


The congress party has suffered a major setback before the lok sabha elections. Veteran party leader manish Khanduri, who is considered a strong contender from Pauri lok sabha seat, has resigned from the primary membership of the congress Party. manish Khanduri has contested from congress from Podi lok sabha seat. manish is the son of former cm Bhuvan Khand Khanduri and brother of uttarakhand Legislative assembly member Ritu Khanduri. It is believed that manish Khanduri may soon become a part of BJP. He has informed about his resignation through social media. After this, there was a stir in Congress.

Contested elections from Pauri in 2019

Let us tell you that Khanduri had contested the elections from Pauri lok sabha seat in 2019 on behalf of congress party but he had to data-face defeat. congress is avoiding saying anything on this issue. congress state spokesperson Shishpal Singh Bisht said that he has received this information through social media and the reason for his resignation is not yet known, but further information can be given only after knowing the reasons. Shishpal Singh Bisht said that Khanduri ji had also got a ticket from congress in 2019.

Big loss to Congress

It was believed that manish Khanduri would have been the congress candidate from Podi this time too, but his leaving the congress just before the elections could prove to be a big loss for the Congress. At present, it is expected that manish Khanduri may join the BJP. cm Trivendra Singh Rawat said that manish ji must have left congress after being fed up with congress, his coming to bjp now or not depends on time, only time can tell what will happen next but if he comes to bjp then he is welcome. . Let us tell you that former uttarakhand cm Harish Rawat had also created a sensation by talking about reduction in vote bank.

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