305 illegal madrassas found, recommendation to close them


An SIT investigation team was formed by the UP government to investigate the madrassas run in the entire state. Instructions were given to investigate the madrasas running in the entire state and submit a report. When the SIT investigation team investigated the entire state, around 13 thousand madrassas were found running illegally and without recognition on a large scale in Uttar Pradesh.

SIT investigation in Gonda also

In Gonda district too, when the SIT team constituted by the government investigated the madrassas running in the district, 305 madrassas were found to be running illegally without recognition. These madrassas neither have any recognition document nor are they registered anywhere and are being operated illegally. The SIT team has recommended the closure of these madrassas to the UP government by giving its investigation report. It is believed that soon the Uttar Pradesh government will close down the illegally run madrassas and take legal action against them.

305 madrasas illegal

In fact, no action has been taken yet by the district administration against these madrassas running in Gonda district. In the investigation conducted by the committee constituted under the chairmanship of SDM, 305 madrassas were found to be running illegally without recognition. The report of which was sent to the government by the district administration, but despite investigation, 305 madrassas are still running illegally without recognition in Gonda district. Madrassas operating without recognition in the district are operating on government land and private land. But most of these unrecognized madrassas are running on government land, hence no action has been taken by the district administration against the madrassas built by illegally occupying government lands.

Madrasas could not provide information about income

Many such madrassas are also running in Gonda district which have not informed the investigation team about their source of income and these madrassas are also running without any recognition. Now preparations are being made to take action against these madrassas by the security agencies as after all these madrassas were being run through this source of income.

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