Maha Aarti at Lord Shiva's in-laws house on the eve of Shivratri!!


On the eve of Mahashivratri, late in the evening, a special aarti was performed at Shiva's in-laws house, Daksheshwar Mahadev temple, to the beat of Shiva's gongs and big damras. Before this, grand decoration of the idol of shiva took place. A large number of devotees participated in the maha Aarti. According to the Puranas, lord shiva was married to Mother Parvati on the day of Phalgun Chaturdashi. This day of Shiva's marriage is celebrated as Shivaratri. Shiva's in-laws Daksheshwar temple is grandly decorated.

Shri Mahant of Akhara of Daksheshwar Mahadev temple and President of Akhara Parishad, Mahant ravindra Puri says that Kankhal is the in-laws house of Lord Shankar. lord shiva and Mother Parvati got married on the Chaturdashi of Phalgun month, hence the festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated in Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple. On this day, a special maha Aarti is organized and the idol of shiva is decorated grandly.

When was the temple built

There is always a crowd of devotees in Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple. It is named after Sati's father King Daksh Prajapati. After which it was rebuilt in 1962. This is a pilgrimage place for shiva devotees on maha Shivratri. It is believed that at this place Veerbhadra had beheaded Daksh Prajapati. In every shiva temple in the world, lord shiva is worshiped in the form of Shivalinga, this is the only temple where along with shiva, the severed head of Daksh Prajapati is also worshipped. In this temple, there are footprints of Lord Vishnu. At the same time, river ganga flows near Daksh Mahadev temple. Where shiva devotees take bath in ganga and have darshan of Lord Shiva.

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