Will get removed from the post- Pragya Singh Thakur


According to sources from the center to the state, bjp is alert about the upcoming lok sabha elections. She is taking every step seriously. Even before the implementation of the code of conduct for the lok sabha elections, it has announced its candidates and has also started campaigning. But in Madhya Pradesh, the rift between an mp and a bjp mla has become much talked about.

Perhaps there is talk in political circles that this rift between mp and mla might harm BJP. Actually, bhopal mp Pragya Singh Thakur had reached Khajurian Bangla village of Sehore assembly constituency two days ago. Where mp Pragya Singh Thakur had expressed her displeasure after seeing an illegal liquor shop. Along with this, mp Pragya Singh Thakur, in the presence of the villagers, broke the lock of the liquor shop with the help of a chisel and hammer and got the liquor spilled. Let us tell you that this time bjp has canceled the ticket of Pragya Singh Thakur.

Moreover during this, mp Pragya Singh Thakur had also made many allegations against Sehore mla Sudesh Rai and said that she would get him removed from the post. The sharp attitude of mp Pragya Singh Thakur has become a lot of headlines. Now mla Sudesh Rai has also hit back at the allegations of his own party mp Pragya Singh Thakur.

mla Sudesh Rai said that during some program in Khajuriya Bangla village, mp Sadhvi pragya thakur has made serious allegations against me like running an illegal liquor shop (contract). I have no name in any liquor shop operation. mp pragya thakur should give proof of me running or getting a liquor shop operated or apologize. My image has been tarnished by the publication of his alleged statement in print and electronic media, whereas there is no liquor shop in my name in the entire Madhya Pradesh.

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