Pravesh Verma's big claim on the list of BJP candidates


Pravesh Verma, lok sabha mp from West delhi, thanked the bjp party for announcing the ticket. He has not got the ticket this time and bjp has made Kalamjit Sehrawat the candidate from this seat. Pravesh Verma said that congratulations to younger sister Bansuri Swaraj and along with her Kamaljeet Sehrawat. In the Nari shakti bill that came, women will get 33 percent reservation. But even before its implementation, it got five seats in Delhi. There is not a single woman in the four seats for which the opposition has announced its candidates. We will win all the seven seats of Delhi. Whatever the party orders, whether it will be used on the streets of delhi or outside delhi, we will go if the party thinks it is right. Every voter should press the lotus button. Along with this, we will also win the assembly elections.

What did Pravesh Verma say after being denied lok sabha ticket?

Pravesh Verma said that there is no reason for not getting the ticket. Those who have got tickets are party workers only. Every worker has the right to present his claim. It is not that I have the right on this seat. Even a tea seller can become Prime Minister. We have only one goal, Modi should become PM for the third time and after that our government should be formed in delhi assembly also.

india alliance targeted

bjp mp targeted india Alliance. He said, "I am sad that the PM is insulted again and again by the Indi Alliance. Some comment about his mother, some about the family. Lalu Yadav has commented on the world's popular PM. The whole country is sad. Everyone considers the PM as their family. The public will answer in 2024. The Prime Servant does not belong to any caste or religion. bjp has started a campaign that we all are Modi's family, we will go to every street, every house. Everyone will be given T-shirts, We will paste stickers on vehicles and outside houses with the words 'Modi's family' written on them. We are wearing T-shirts that say 'We are Modi's family.'

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