Saudi Arabia's Government's rule..!? Fuel prices can rise anytime..!!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Saudi Arabia's Government's rule..!? Fuel prices can rise anytime..!!?
As the global economy grapples with inflation, saudi arabia announced on sunday that it will extend its crude oil production cut, with plans to raise crude prices. Just last week, the Russian government announced plans to cut oil production from march 1 to meet demand from domestic consumers and farmers and to carry out maintenance work at refineries. It has announced that it will ban the export of gasoline for the next six months. Following this, the Saudi announcement has also had a major impact on the fuel market. The Saudi government's announcement has had a major impact while crude oil refining companies are already saying that profits from diesel sales in india have declined.
Saudi Arabia's state news agency (SPA) has officially announced that the one million barrel crude oil production cut that has been in effect since July 2023 will be extended until the end of the second quarter of 2024. With demand for crude oil falling due to the economic slowdown and the increased use of electric vehicles, the Saudi Arabian government has started to cut production and raise prices. Confirming this, the Saudi Arabian State press Agency (SPA) said in a statement that this additional production cut was brought in to support market stability.
It is informed that the production will be gradually increased depending on the market conditions. These crude oil production cuts were taken in concert with some of the OPEC+ member countries. OPEC+ is the 23-member group led by saudi arabia and russia, which has decided to cut production. saudi arabia has extended crude oil output cuts on the same day russia said it would cut production by nearly 5 lakh barrels in the second quarter of 2024.

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