Uma Bharti said that our faith is in Ayodhya


Perhaps former chief minister of madhya pradesh and senior bjp leader uma bharti reached Ayodhya. uma bharti also participated in a program after seeing Ramlala in Ayodhya. During this, uma bharti said at the ram temple that what penance did we do? Those who sacrificed their lives became blessed and when ram Lalla was consecrated, even though he was not visible, they all must have regained their life. .

Meanwhile on Mathura-Kashi, uma bharti said that our faith is in ayodhya, mathura, Kashi. ayodhya was separated as disputed and mathura and Kashi were banned. I had said in the lok sabha that along with ayodhya, consider mathura and Kashi as controversial places and do not consider it a conflict of faith. This matter is in the court, temples should be built on mathura and Kashi, my faith is not in the court, it is in my heart, it will remain and my faith will remain until the temple is built there.

Moreover along with this, on cross-voting in SP in rajya sabha elections, uma bharti said that when the elections come, everyone's responsibility will be cleared. PM Modi says we will cross 400 with NDA, I say only bjp alone will cross 400. On the statement of congress leader rahul Gandhi, he said that it is not Ram's wave but Ram's movements. ram is there from Sanatan, from time immemorial to eternity, it is rahul Gandhi's compulsion to say so on the soil of this country because he had denied the existence of ram in the affidavit itself. Those who believe that ram does not exist will neither see waves nor waves. On the alliance of opposition parties, uma bharti said that the knot will not be tied, the knot is tied now and then it gets untied. The opposition did not play its role responsibly. The opposition also has a responsibility towards the country. It is not his job to make empty criticism; he also has some responsibility. What he did not do is that the anti-incumbency vote will be against the opposition because you did not play the role of the opposition properly. The main issues that were to be raised were not raised by the opposition. The opposition raised an issue which we considered an insult. Saying like this is not ram Lahar, the votes should now be cast against the opposition and not against us. congress will be reduced to only 15-20 seats in the Lok Sabha.

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