Arithmetic of Bihar assembly in Nitish Kumar’s Cabinet


As per report bjp has more claims regarding ministers. More than two dozen leaders have already been ministers in Nitish cabinet at different times. In such a situation, this time everyone has expressed their claim.

Perhaps there are 4 contenders for the post of minister from Bettiah alone, which include the names of Bhagirathi Devi, Vinay Bihari, renu Devi and Narayan Kushwaha. Similarly, Rana Randhir and pramod kumar have previously been ministers from Motihari. Both have stakes this time too. Vinod Narayan Jha, Rampreet Paswan and Nitish Mishra have been ministers from Madhubani. All three are making claims this time too. Similar situation exists in many other districts also. Sources say that the way bjp has given preference to old data-faces prem Kumar and Nand kishore Yadav in the new government, many leaders have got the hope of coming back into the cabinet. However, the final decision of the cabinet will be taken from Delhi.

There are a total of 243 seats in bihar Assembly, out of which one seat is currently vacant. 122 seats are needed for majority. bjp is the largest party in the state, which currently has 81 MLAs. However, a case of defection is going on against its 3 MLAs. Rashtriya Janata Dal i.e. RJD currently has 78 MLAs, but 3 of its MLAs have rebelled. These MLAs have not yet joined any party. Nitish Kumar's party JDU currently has 45 MLAs. He also has the support of an independent. congress has 17 MLAs and ML has 11 MLAs. cpi and CPM have 2-2 MLAs. Jitan ram Manjhi's HAM has 4 MLAs and Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM has 1 MLA. nitish kumar has the support of about 128 MLAs.

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