Talks going on to giving opportunity to new faces in JDU


Reportedly according to sources, if the assembly is not dissolved, the cabinet will now be expanded. The complete picture will become clear within 2-3 days. 20-22 ministers can take oath in the new cabinet. Currently there are 9 ministers including the chief minister in Nitish cabinet. A total of 36 ministers can be made in bihar according to the quota. According to Vinod Tawde, general secretary in-charge of bihar bjp, cabinet expansion was not possible due to the ongoing session. Work on cabinet expansion will take place after the session ends on march 1. According to bjp sources, about 18-20 more ministers will take oath from the party quota. Who will be the minister has not been decided yet. At the same time, it is being said that JDU will get 12 posts. JDU currently has 45 MLAs in bihar Assembly.

Meanwhile on the question of cabinet expansion, JDU spokesperson KC Tyagi says – This is the prerogative of the Chief Minister. Will do it whenever I feel like it. There is no problem in bihar right now. nitish kumar will also decide who will become the minister from JDU. On Nitish Kumar's proposal to dissolve the assembly, Tyagi says - all these are fabricated things. Neither Nitish ji has ever said this from his own mouth nor the people of BJP. Then I don't know why this thing is gaining prominence.

At least 3 data-faces can be changed in Janata Dal United. Former minister Sanjay Jha has gone to Rajya Sabha. In such a situation, it is considered certain that a new data-face will become the minister in his place. Maheshwar Hazari has recently resigned from the post of Deputy Speaker of the Assembly. It is being said that he may also get a place in the cabinet. The third name Kushwaha is related to the data-face. It is being said that this time JDU can make Sudhanshu Shekhar a minister in place of Jayant Raj. At the time of floor test, Sudhanshu was leading for JDU.


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