Delhi University Teachers Association raised the issue


Hundreds of teachers of delhi university say that they have not received salaries for the last several months. These 12 colleges, which are facing financial problems, are part of delhi university and are funded by the delhi government. teachers had also gone on strike to protest against non-payment of salaries. Now these teachers have put this issue before delhi Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena on Monday. The DUTA delegation has demanded LG's intervention in this matter.

A delegation of teachers Association (DUTA) led by DUTA President professor ajay Kumar bhagi met delhi Lieutenant governor Vinay Kumar Saxena. teachers demanded payment of grants to 12 colleges fully funded by the delhi government and cancellation of the letters sent by education minister Atishi to Lieutenant governor VK Saxena. DUTA requested him to intervene to resolve this crisis. DUTA President professor bhagi told news agency IANS that in view of the current problems of the colleges, the Lieutenant governor of delhi has assured 12 colleges to pay the full grant soon.

lg assured cooperation

According to the DUTA President, the education minister has also assured to cancel the anti-teacher letters issued in the past and to take appropriate action to immediately advertise and fill the long pending teaching and non-teaching posts in 12 colleges. According to professor bhagi, lg has also assured DUTA that not a single college of delhi government will be allowed to be merged with any other university from delhi University. There was a strike last week in all the 12 colleges of delhi university, which are fully funded by the delhi government.

Demand for release of full amount of salary

professor ajay Kumar bhagi says that DU teachers condemn and reject the letters of delhi education minister Atishi. According to DUTA, teachers in many colleges have not received salaries for the last several months. The government is continuously being demanded to release the full amount of money to the teachers and employees of 12 colleges who are working without salary.

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