Did Sachin Pilot gave a big statement in Tonk regarding the candidates?


Currently nothing has been finalized yet whose name congress will decide for rajya sabha from Rajasthan. At the same time, a meeting of the screening committee of congress was held in delhi on Friday. National General Secretary sachin pilot has given a big statement in Tonk regarding the candidates. Pilot said that who will be the party's candidate is decided by the AICC President and our top leadership. Whoever the party makes its candidate, we will send him from there after making him win. There are lok sabha elections in the coming time. Recently, our screening committee meeting was held and all 25 seats were discussed together in an open environment. Feedback has been taken from people. The report of the State election Committee is also given in it.

Meanwhile sachin pilot said that the sentiments of the workers have also been discussed in the report of AICC observers. We have analyzed on the basis of everything. We have prepared a good panel for 25 seats. At many places there is one name, at many places there are two names and at many places there is a panel of three names, but the final decision on ticket distribution is taken by the CEC. Indications are that a CEC meeting will be held soon and the final approval will be given on the names.

Pilot said that the party gives opportunities to young people. The public welcomes that decision. In the assembly elections, a new experiment has been done and the youth have been given a chance. The public there has accepted our decision in most places. He has sent the youth to the assembly after winning over them. He said, "I have suggested that new people and people with clean image should be given a chance." He said that rahul gandhi and mallikarjun Kharge also want the same thing. The new generation can provide opportunities to people who are conscious and dedicated workers and also work on the ground. By giving tickets to such people, the party can give a big message.

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