Telangana CM Revanth Reddy alleged that KCR bought “22 land cruiser vehicles” before Assembly polls

By launching a scathing attack on former chief minister chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">k chandrasekhar rao, the newly-appointed telangana cm revanth reddy on wednesday alleged that kcr bought “22 land cruiser vehicles” before the assembly polls “without telling anyone” in hopes that he will return to power in the state once again. reddy levelled allegations against kcr during a press conference and said, “22 land cruisers were bought and hidden. Even I didn’t know for 10 days after becoming the Chief Minister.”

“One of the officers said that 22 land cruisers were bought and hidden in Vijayawada. We thought of getting them after swearing-in. kcr went home after losing. He bought them without telling anyone. It is government property,” chief minister revanth reddy added. Following his attack on BRS supremo kcr, the chief minister responded to KTR’s remark of forming “shadow teams” to track the congress government’s performance in the state. “Why shadow teams? When the Opposition can give suggestions and analyse the government’s decisions in the assembly,” cm reddy questioned KTR.

“You were ministers till yesterday, you have the ministers with you even after winning or losing. Let them work as shadow ministers, they never worked, at least make them work now. You have opportunities to give suggestions in assembly and to analyse our decisions,” he added. Notably, the Chief Minister’s remarks came after launching the ‘Praja Palana’ programme, through which applications can be filled out by people seeking to benefit from the six poll guarantees of the Congress.

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