Who is RLJD supremo Upendra Kushwaha?


Accordingly once again there is a stir in the political corridors of bihar regarding chief minister Nitish Kumar. On tuesday (December 26), there were reports in the media that the party's national president Lalan Singh had resigned. However, later JDU leader and minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary denied this. Meanwhile, speculations were also being made about nitish kumar whether the chief minister is going to join nda again? Even if this happens, a big leader is ready to advocate for them.

In fact, on Wednesday, RLJD supremo upendra Kushwaha said in a statement to the media, "Nitish Kumar's joining with RJD was a suicidal step. If nitish kumar publicly announces that his relationship with RJD has broken and if he joins nda again. When it comes to joining, the decision will be taken by bjp people but we will definitely advocate for them."

Moreover reaction started coming after the statement of upendra Kushwaha. On this whole issue, RJD spokesperson Ejaz ahmed said that upendra Kushwaha should look at himself and his party to see where they are. He wants to go and play on BJP's pitch, but bharatiya janata party is not giving him any interest. The kind of maze in which bjp has trapped upendra Kushwaha, he is in restlessness and panic. Whereas congress spokesperson Asitnath Tiwari said that first tell where upendra Kushwaha himself is from. It is said that JDU will be of no place, RJD will be of no place, what should upendra Kushwaha say about all these things? Who is upendra Kushwaha? Who is asking? bjp spokesperson Kuntal krishna said about nitish kumar that today you are sitting in the lap of the person whom you have been opposing for years. You are not sitting on his lap, the truth is that you are guarding his political court. Going with Lalu Yadav is the last nail in the coffin of Janata Dal United.

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