Why CM Siddaramaiah is upset about journalists?

Usually is it professional to make speculative news? chief minister Siddaramaiah expressed his regret that it is a bad development that there are more people who make news by imagining and imagining. Speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new press House and Training Center of the district Journalists' Association, he said, "If you do not question the opponents of the constitution and treat them with respect, will they call you the fourth part of the society?" That said, only objective news-truth reporting is pro-social.

Inequality is still there in the society and there are those who speak against the constitution. Journalists should analyze and write about the damage caused to society by such people. Today's lack of professionalism in the press sector is an unhealthy development. He said that Mysore, the birthplace of small newspapers, was famous for its professional journalism.

If readers lose curiosity and interest in media, it is because of lack of professionalism. You will make news and discuss about the crow sitting on my car. What is your loss if the crow sits? He asked what is the loss to the society. What is the benefit to the society if husband and wife fight in the news? If all such stories are made, what else will happen without people losing interest in the media, he said, adding that I will inaugurate the press house and training center that I have laid the foundation stone for, and will provide necessary assistance.

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