Will all political parties speed up preparations for Lok Sabha elections?

Presently now only a week is left for the beginning of the new-year. With the beginning of the new year, all political

parties will speed up preparations for the lok sabha elections and work with all their might to ensure victory.

But before this the year will begin with the election of rajya sabha members. Nomination for three Rajya Sabha

members will start from january 10 in Delhi. Notification for this will be issued on january 2. Only after this will

it be known who will reach rajya sabha on january 19.

It is almost certain that sanjay singh and Sushil Gupta will reach rajya sabha again.

Let us tell you that currently sanjay singh, Sushil Kumar Gupta and Narayan Das Gupta are members of Rajya

Sabha from delhi and their tenure is ending on january 27, 2024. In the 70-member delhi assembly, Aam

Aadmi party won 62 seats with a thumping majority, and bjp is the main opposition party with 8 seats. Talking

about the names sent by AAP for rajya sabha MPs, there is speculation that the party may again send the current

Rajya Sabha mp sanjay singh, who is lodged in tihar jail in the liquor scam case, to the Rajya Sabha.

Whereas Haryana’s party president Sushil Gupta is also likely to get a second chance. If party sources are to be

believed, Sushil Kumar Gupta, who is working day and night in preparing the ground for the party in Haryana,

can be sent to parliament once again in view of the assembly elections in Haryana.

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