Thirteen crore people in the country came out of poverty

The Union minister said that the narendra modi government made many schemes to bring changes in the lives of common people and implemented them quickly and effectively. Its effect was that thirteen crore people in the country came out of poverty. Basic resources were developed. It is Modi's resolve to make the country a developed india in the next 25 years. It is working determinedly towards this goal. For this purpose, Vikas Bharat Sankalp yatra has been started. Through the yatra, the benefits of the central government schemes will be provided to the eligible people. Will register eligible people.

Announcement of giving additional fund of ten lakhs from mp quota. Shekhawat said that those Panchayats which will provide benefits to 100 percent eligible people of the area in all the schemes of the central government, that panchayat will be given an additional fund of Rs. 10 lakh from the mp Development Fund. He said that I would also request the mla to make such an announcement. He called upon the public representatives and workers to go to the villages and find out the people eligible for the central government schemes and help them get the benefits of the schemes.

The ideal village should be crime and drug free. Shekhawat said that Ramdevra was included in the adarsh Gram Yojana. Today, because of the Sarpanch, work worth crores has been done here, but the ideal village would be one which is crime free and drug free.

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