Gajendra Singh Shekhawat - Double engine government formed

Union Jal shakti Minister gajendra singh shekhawat addressed a meeting organized under the Vikas Bharat Sankalp yatra in Ramdevra on Sunday. During this, he said that now a double engine government has been formed in rajasthan under the leadership of Bhajanlal Sharma. Development work will be carried out rapidly in the state and all eligible people will be able to get the benefits of the schemes without any discrimination. Shekhawat further said that hope has dawned in rajasthan and I can say with confidence that the obstacles that were coming due to political hatred will be removed. Now eligible people will get the benefits of PM Modi's schemes on the basis of merit.

During his address, veteran bjp leader gajendra singh shekhawat said, "The country became independent after a long struggle. Lakhs of people sacrificed their lives in this struggle. The inspiration for the freedom fighters was that after independence, they had the opportunity to choose their own government." There will be a fortunate opportunity, but after independence, it did not happen at the speed with which the governments should work. Due to this, the public started getting angry with the government. The government had got into the habit of working in scarcity. Therefore, the government schemes were used. "It remained just for votes. The benefits of the schemes were not available to the entire public. The poor people for whom the schemes were made, used to see the lamp of development flickering."


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