Premnagar MLA Maravi seen in action mode, warned officials


Bhulan Singh Maravi, the newly elected mla of Premnagar assembly of Surajpur district, is seen in action mode after taking the oath of office as mla in the Assembly. mla Shri Singh has shown a strong stance on the complaints received from the public regarding the working of officers and employees and has said that the officers and employees should change their old way of working. If further complaints are received, it will not be tolerated. He has taken the complaints of the education and health departments seriously. mla Bhulan Singh is in constant touch with the people of the area since his election campaign. people are conveying their problems and complaints to him. He has shown seriousness regarding the complaints of the education and health departments. He believes that the common man is directly affected by the functioning of these departments. Every person wants good education in schools and treatment for everyone in hospitals. Any kind of negligence in the field of education and health will not be tolerated in the district.

mla Bhulan Singh Marawi in action mode

He has warned the officers to discharge their responsibilities with full honesty. No one should have to worry. Doctors should reach health centers operated in rural areas including district hospitals on time and provide health facilities to the patients. There should be no shortage of medicines anywhere in government hospitals. He said that there should not be any kind of complaint in the field of health care. Officials should keep in mind that now the government has changed. The new government is very sensitive regarding health and education. chief minister Vishnudev Sai has enumerated his priorities. Regular classes should be conducted in schools. Complaints are being received about teachers being absent and not reaching school on time. teachers should improve this and reach school on time and teach the children. education department officials should regularly inspect schools so that schools start on time and teachers pay attention to children's education. If any further complaint is received, immediate action will be taken.


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