Big responsibility assigned to 10 trusted officers of CM Mohan Yadav

It has been 10 days since Dr. Mohan Yadav took oath as the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. cm Mohan Yadav now seems to be slowly coming into action mode. cm has now given the responsibility of 10 divisions to 10 officers. These officers will keep cm Mohan Yadav informed about every small and big activity of their respective division and district.
Among the 10 officers to whom chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has given the responsibility of divisions, Mohammad Suleman will be responsible for bhopal division, while vinod kumar will be responsible for jabalpur division, JN Kansautia of Rewa, Dr. Rajesh Rajoura of Ujjain, Sagar SN Mishra, indore Malay. Srivastava, Narmadapuram Ajit Kesari, Shahdol ashok Varnwal, Chambal manu Srivastava and the responsibility of gwalior division has been given to KC Gupta. These officers will inform chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav about the activities of their respective divisions.
This responsibility was given to officers
In the responsibility given to the officers by chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, these officers will have to implement the instructions of cm meetings in the division. There will have to be coordination between the district-division and the government. It will be mandatory to visit the districts of the division at least once in two months. Divisional review will have to be conducted through video conferencing once every month. district schemes will have to be implemented in their divisions on priority.

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