Delhi government's problems increased before Lok Sabha elections


Just before the lok sabha elections, the problems of the aam aadmi party government of delhi are not showing signs of decreasing. delhi Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena has ordered investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI Investigation) in another case. According to information received from sources, lg has ordered an inquiry into the matter of medicines purchased for hospitals by the delhi government. According to sources, based on people's complaints, AAP government hospitals purchased medicines haphazardly. These medicines have been found to fail during testing in government and private testing laboratories.

government hospitals accused of supplying unauthenticated medicines

According to the tweet of news agency NNI, lg has given these orders regarding the inauthentic medicines purchased by cm arvind kejriwal government. According to the agency's report, based on people's complaints, the AAP government had procured medicines for hospitals in a haphazard manner. These medicines have failed to meet the parameters during tests in government and private testing laboratories.

cm had called ED's summons illegal

Let us tell you that a few days ago, the Enforcement Directorate had issued summons to cm arvind kejriwal for the second time in the delhi Excise Policy case. ED had asked the cm to appear in the office for questioning in this matter. In response to this, delhi cm had declared the ED summons as illegal for the first time. He said that first clarify in what capacity the ED wants to call me for questioning. ED has not yet given me the answer to this question. Current cm arvind kejriwal is engrossed in Vipassana meditation yoga in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

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