Why did CM Nitish leave immediately after the India alliance meeting?


There are 40 lok sabha seats in bihar and very soon the india Alliance (I.N.D.I.A. Alliance) can decide who will contest on how many seats in 2024. However, after the fourth meeting of india Alliance held in Delhi, bjp is also raising many questions. sushil kumar modi has claimed that Lalan Singh can be removed because he is close to Lalu. nitish kumar left immediately after the Indi alliance meeting and bjp leaders are also attacking him for this. On thursday (December 21), JDU mla Sanjeev Singh answered the questions of journalists.

Sanjeev Singh said what will anyone do after the meeting is over? It is natural to leave after the meeting is over. He said that someone had been authorized for the briefing, hence nitish kumar was not there. He said that india will fight well in alliance and will fight together. Results will also come, seat sharing has also been discussed. There will be talk of seat sharing within 15 to 20 days. In response to the questions of journalists, he further said that whatever is in the interest of bihar will happen.

Who will be the president of JDU?

Sanjeev Singh further said that sunil Kumar Pintu was already from BJP. He will go to bjp again. His statement is not going to affect us in any way. How many MPs come and go? In response to a question, he said that I do not know who will be the president of JDU, but there are constant fluctuations. This is not an issue.

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