Taunting Rajasthan CM, Shanti Dhariwal - Is there bhajan in the evening?


The beginning of the session of the 16th Legislative assembly of rajasthan was a stormy one on Wednesday. In

the first session of the assembly, 191 MLAs were sworn in. Former minister Shanti Dhariwal has taken a dig at

calling the session on 24 hours notice. Shanti Dhariwal said that whenever the house is called after the elections,

it is written in Section 176 of the Constitution that the first session of the assembly after the general elections

will start with the address of the Governor.

He said, “Within 24 hours you gave this notice and got him called. What is all of this about. There is no bhajan

group, sir, there is a bhajan being organized at my house today, I have called you to come, there is a bhajan this

evening. After Shanti Dhariwal's statement, rajasthan Legislative assembly Speaker Kalicharan Saraf said that

first the oath of the honorable members is taken and after that there will be the address of the Governor.

The first session of the 16th assembly of rajasthan started on wednesday morning. During this, Chief Minister

Bhajan Lal Sharma and both Deputy Chief Ministers diya Kumari and Dr. Premchand Bairwa, besides the first

time elected MLAs, were administered oath by the Protem Speaker in the Assembly. In the first session of the

assembly, 191 MLAs were sworn in. Eight MLAs will be sworn in tomorrow.

rajasthan chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma on wednesday paid a courtesy call on former chief minister Ashok

Gehlot at the Chief Minister's residence in Civil Lines. Sharma reached the Chief Minister's Residence (CMR) in

the evening and met Gehlot. Gehlot is currently living in CMR. According to a government statement, It was a

courtesy meeting between the two.

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