Political parties are reviewing the defeat in Mewar

Bharatiya Janata party has come to power in rajasthan and Bhajan Lal Sharma has become the Chief Minister.

After the assembly elections, review of the lost seats has also started. Reasons for defeat on region wise seats are

being explored. The big thing is that at many places, political party leaders are not blaming anyone else but their

own officials for the defeat. Something similar was seen during the review of defeat in political parties of Udaipur

division. congress held a review meeting in Mewar, bjp in Vagad and Janata Sena party in Vallabhnagar

Assembly. Know what happened in this meeting.

When bjp lost, the leaders blamed their own people in the review.

BJP won in rajasthan but had to data-face heavy defeat in 9 assembly constituencies of Banswara and Dungarpur district

of udaipur division. Here 2 out of 9 bjp MLAs won. bjp got only 1 out of 5 seats in Banswara and 1 out of 4 seats

in Dungarpur. BJP's review meeting was held in Banswara district. In this, Dhansingh Rawat, the bjp candidate

from Banswara seat, and the workers and officials, while giving a speech from the stage during the meeting, blamed

the officials of other divisions of the party for the defeat.

The allegation said that these officials joined hands with congress to defeat Dhan Singh, took money from them and

were asked to vote against BJP. Dhan Singh Rawat even said that traitors should be punished for treason. It is

known that Dhan Singh Rawat himself had fought the last elections as a rebel from BJP. However, this time BJP

gave him another chance.

When congress lost, people who roamed together all day reached bjp in the evening.

Just as bjp lost in Vagad, similarly congress lost badly in 8 assembly seats of udaipur district of Mewar, here

Congress could win only two seats. Not only this, congress could not even open its account in 9 seats of Rajsamand

and Chittorgarh districts. In such a situation, a review meeting was held in udaipur district. The officials said that

how long will it last if the person from the family becomes everything in politics. Nepotism has to be ended. It was

also said that the people who used to hang out together throughout the day were with bjp in the evening. Former

MLA Preeti Shaktawat, Mangilal Garasia, mla Pushkar Lal dangi and other party officials were present in the

meeting among the defeated congress candidates.

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