BJP is not able to remove the resentment of the MLAs.

The celebrations of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) return to power have still not stopped. Celebrations are still being

held at many places, but at some places there are also reports of discord. A similar case also happened in

Chittorgarh, the home constituency of bjp state president CP Joshi, where mla from Begun assembly of the

district, Dr. suresh Dhakad got angry with the party officials during the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra. After this,

when he reached his assembly constituency yesterday, a huge crowd gathered. Know what happened?

MLAs were angry when they did not get a place, did not stand with Joshi

In fact, there was a program of Vikas Bharat Sankalp yatra in which mla Dhakad reached the program in

Chittorgarh district 20 minutes late and he did not get a place in the front row. Not even a single worker got up. In

such a situation, he went and sat in the back row. After this, when State President CP Joshi was showing the green

flag at the time of departure of the chariot, he did not come near. Then he separately sent the chariot to his area. This

rift is much discussed.

Reached his assembly constituency for the first time after victory

A program of Sankalp yatra was held on sunday in which discord was visible among bjp officials. The next day

(Monday, 18 December) when the mla reached his constituency, a large crowd gathered to welcome him.

Actually, he reached his assembly for the first time after the victory. The workers welcomed him there. After this a

meeting was also organized in the area. Let us tell you that out of 28 seats in the division, bjp won 17, among these

17 MLAs, the biggest victory is in the name of suresh Dhakad, which was by a margin of 50 thousand votes.

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