Former Minister of State and RLD MLA gave a big statement?


Bharatiya Janata party has got absolute majority in the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The top leadership of

Bharatiya Janata party has made Bharatpur resident Bhajan Lal Sharma the new chief minister of Rajasthan.

There is an atmosphere of happiness in Bharatpur since the day Bhajan Lal Sharma’s name was announced for the

post of Chief Minister. Sweets are being distributed everywhere. Fireworks have been set off. Bhajan Lal Sharma

took oath as the chief minister on 15 December. It was Bhajan Lal Sharma’s birthday on 15 December, so a fair of

people congratulated him. Thousands of people had flown from Bharatpur to jaipur to attend the Chief Minister’s

eclipse ceremony. Now people are hopeful that Bharatpur will develop.

now there will be development

minister of State in the congress government and Rashtriya Lok Dal mla Dr. Subhash Garg, who won the

Bharatpur assembly seat, also has a lot of hope now. He said that it is a matter of pride for the people of Bharatpur

that Bhajan Lal Sharma, a resident of Bharatpur district, has been handed over the reins of the chief minister of

Rajasthan. He said that I hope that one of the major issues is the ERCP of 13 districts. Now the major issue should

be to give national status of national project to ERCP.

Former minister of State and Bharatpur mla says that the test of chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma will be on

how soon he gives the gift to the 13 districts regarding the water agreement of Bharatpur district, whether it is the

issue of water from yamuna river or ERCP. For medical facilities, he said that we had got 10 super specialist Dr.

announced by ashok Gehlot's government and now we will have the same request from the chief minister that the

RBM hospital of Bharatpur division should be completely converted to jaipur, Jodhpur, udaipur and Ajmer.

Developing on the same lines, all the super specialist blocks should be established here.

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