BJP and Congress focus more on Malvanchal, what is the plan?


After the assembly elections in madhya pradesh are over, now preparations for the lok sabha elections have

started. In this sequence, congress has also made complete preparations to corner BJP. By appointing former

Indore mla Jitu Patwari as the President of congress Committee, congress has also intensified its efforts to

strengthen its roots in Malvanchal.

After the assembly elections in madhya pradesh were over, the bharatiya janata party played a big bet in the

politics of the state by making Malvanchal the Chief Minister. Malvanchal is the same area which has been

playing an important role in forming the bharatiya janata party government for the last 20 years.

Due to this, Dr. Mohan Yadav was crowned as the chief minister before the lok sabha elections. Apart from this,

Jagdish Deora from Malvanchal has been made the Deputy Chief Minister. Now, to corner the bjp government,

congress has fielded Jitu Patwari as state president. congress believes that due to the politics of ujjain and Indore

divisions, the politics of entire madhya pradesh will be affected. For this reason, congress is keeping a close

watch on Malvanchal to corner the government.

Mathematics of 29 lok sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh

There are 29 lok sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh. On these, congress wants to perform well as per a well thought

out strategy. This is the reason why on one hand congress has tried to weaken BJP's strategy by making a

backward class data-face the state president. On the other hand, by making Umang Singar, who is leading the tribal

community, the leader of opposition, an eye has also been kept on the tribal vote bank.

bjp got 5 out of 7 seats from ujjain in Malvanchal, while congress won two seats here. From this district, bjp has

nominated Mohan Yadav for the post of Chief Minister. Similarly, the tribal vote bank also did not disappoint the

Congress. Due to Mission 2024, new appointments are now being linked to the lok sabha elections.

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