Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s big statement - I served public for 17 years...


Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan held a press conference after the first session of the 16th Assembly

of Madhya Pradesh. During this, former cm Chauhan congratulated the new MLAs. Also, amidst all the political

speculations, Shivraj Singh Chauhan told that he is going to Delhi. He told that National President JP Nadda

has called him to Delhi. During the press conference, former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan said, Congratulations to

the MLAs, there has been a generational change. Mohan Yadav is the cm and Umang Singhar is the leader of the

opposition. There is a generational change in both the parties. This should be taken in a positive manner.

Complacency in 17 years of rule

During this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan also said, I am self-satisfied and proud of the 17 years of rule. Naturally, as a

citizen of the state, I wish that better work should be done under the leadership of Mohan Yadav. Mohan Yadav,

Rajendra Shukla and I wish Jagdish Deora ji all the best.

bjp is a mission

Former chief minister shivraj singh chouhan said, bjp is a mission, we will work wherever the party asks,

environment, women are my favorite subjects. I will continue to work for child welfare. Brother's relationship is of

trust, uncle's is of love, relationship Will stay.

JP Nadda called Delhi

Amidst all the political speculations going on in the state, shivraj singh chouhan also told in the press conference

that he is going to delhi today. He has been called by bjp National President JP Nadda. Both the leaders will meet

in delhi today.

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