Winter session of Jharkhand Assembly, opposition will corner Soren govt

The winter session of jharkhand assembly has started from december 15. Earlier on Thursday, Jharkhand

Assembly Speaker Rabindra Nath Mahato called an all-party meeting and announced the appointment of BJP

MLA amar Kumar Bauri as the leader of Opposition. On this occasion, regarding the security breach in the Lok

Sabha, he said that what happened in delhi was really shocking. Not just the jharkhand assembly, but all the state

assemblies of the country should take steps to ensure top-level security of the elected candidates.

The Speaker of the assembly further said, Entry of unnecessary people should be banned in parliament and

Assemblies. Only well-identified persons and officials should be allowed inside. Asana has the support of both the

ruling party and the opposition. And if it happens, it will ensure smooth functioning of the House.

What did cm Hemant Soren say?

Chief minister Hemant Soren said, The winter session of jharkhand assembly is going to start from tomorrow

and we had held a meeting regarding the same. The assembly also got the leader of Opposition today. We hope

that the session will be meaningful and the issues will be resolved. Will be done. Apart from this, on the

Parliament security violation, he said that the Speaker has taken cognizance of the matter. Such incidents taking

place in the country's parliament is a matter of serious concern.

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