Nithin Kamath who shared his own deepfake video..!?

Nithin Kamat himself shared this video and said that the person in it is not me, this is my deepfake video. After actress rashmika mandanna and Kajol, Nitin Kamath, founder and chief managing officer of Bengaluru's leading startup company Zerodha, also spoke about the deepfake concern. He said that deepfake technology, which has brought danger with artificial intelligence, has also entered the field of financial services and posted a video about this on X and Instagram. However, there is a major twist at the end of the video he posted. At the end of the clip, Nitin Kamat himself said, 'I am not the one who has spoken in this video so far. They said this is a deepfake of an AI avatar. Here is an approximately one minute video clip in which Nitin Kamath talks about the difficulty of verifying customer identity amid increasing digitization. Expressing concern over the growing sophistication of deepfakes, he said challenges are being data-faced in differentiating between real people and AI-generated replicas during account opening.

Nitin Kamat, who is talking about the same issue, when he comes to the end of the video, in the last line, 'I am not the person in this video. This is my deepfake AI avatar'. Until then it looked like what Nitin Kamat himself had talked about and only when he said at the end that it was a deepfake video. Until then, there was no suspicion that the person there was fake.

“But as deepfakes improve, I think over time it will become harder to validate whether the person on the other side is real or an AI person. The problem is bigger for banks that have more stringent regulatory requirements during onboarding,” Kamath said in the clip. Kamath speculated on future regulatory developments surrounding the issue, underscoring the potential dilemma facing the industry. He noted that going back to traditional, physical methods of opening accounts could halt the growth of the entire sector.

"It will be interesting to see how the regulations around this evolve. Going back to the physical way of opening accounts will bring the growth of the entire sector to a screeching halt," he said. Everyone was surprised when Nitin Kamat said the last line saying all this. 'The last line you said was like a killing note,' was the comment. I knew it wasn't you. Lip sing, expressions, eyes and smile at the end were not there in this video. (I saw the interview of you and your wife last night) wrote one.

"This looks so deepfake, otherwise you're the smiley guy and it wasn't all over the video," commented another. Kamath has several times raised awareness about deepfakes and how they can be misused and the consequences can be dire.

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