Will old pension scheme be implemented again in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar on tuesday said that his earlier stand against the old pension

scheme has changed and he will reconsider it positively. He said that the state government wants to strike a

balance between the salary, pension amount and its burden on the state finances. Pawar told reporters in Nagpur

that he, chief minister Eknath Shinde and deputy chief minister devendra fadnavis have already held

preliminary discussions on the issue of Old Pension Scheme (OPS).

Many employees are making this demand

Many government and semi-government employees in maharashtra are demanding the reinstatement of OPS,

which was discontinued in the state in 2005. Under OPS, a government employee used to get a monthly pension

equal to 50 percent of his last salary. There was no requirement of contribution by employees. Under the new

pension scheme, the state government employee contributes ten percent of his basic salary and dearness

allowance and the state also contributes the same amount.

What did deputy cm Ajit Pawar say?

Pawar said, “Devendra fadnavis had expressed his opposition to OPS. When I was the Finance minister of the

state earlier, I had also said similar things during a session but as per my knowledge, the Center is thinking of

resolving this pending issue, which will benefit the people economically. The (central) government is working

seriously on this issue before the upcoming lok sabha elections. He said that the eligible people will get financial

benefits from the year 2021. Pawar said, “Chief minister Eknath Shinde, deputy chief minister Devendra

Fadnavis and I have already held preliminary discussions on the issue of OPS. “We want to strike a balance

between salaries, pension amount and its burden on the exchequer.”

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