Neeraj Bablu told the purpose of CM Nitish’s rally in Banaras

Before the 2024 lok sabha elections, bihar Chief minister nitish kumar will hold a rally in Varanasi. A rally is

proposed on 24th December. Rhetoric regarding this has also started in the political circles. On Tuesday

(December 12), bjp mla neeraj kumar singh Bablu, while talking to journalists, took a dig at this rally. He also

predicted JDU.

BJP mla neeraj kumar Bablu said that people of the entire country know the condition of JDU. JDU is a

sinking ship. Big leaders are running away from JDU one by one. Now when this situation is becoming like a

sinking ship, they are feeling that now they should do something new so that they can come into the media again.

Going to Banaras means that he and only he wants to come to the media. Want to come among the people.

Is this the motive behind the rally?

Neeraj Kumar Bablu said that the way nitish kumar gave his speech in the Assembly, he was disgraced in the

entire country. Memory loss was exposed. To avoid all these things, a new way of rally is being found. As far as

holding rallies and contesting elections in other states is concerned, they have tried this before also. There is not

even bail left. They are still making last efforts. neeraj kumar Bablu took a jibe at JDU workers being excited

about the rally in Varanasi. He said that here (Bihar) there is prohibition and there (UP) there is no prohibition, so

maybe they would be excited to enjoy. In the coming time, JDU will be completely destroyed.

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