Rs.6000 for all ration card holders in Chennai..!?

Minister Thangam Tennarasu has said that Rs.6000 will be given to all ration card holders in chennai as a storm relief fund.
Cyclone "Miqjam" has caused unprecedented rainfall in tamil Nadu, resulting in severe flooding in chennai, Thiruvallur, kanchipuram and Chengalpattu districts. The government of tamil Nadu is taking various measures on a war-time basis to rescue the public from these effects and provide them with the relief they need.
Meanwhile, chief minister Stalin has ordered Rs 6,000 as relief to the people whose livelihoods have been affected by the Mikjam storm. The chief minister has ordered that the relief amount be distributed in cash through fair price shops in the affected areas. It has also been informed that even if one person's name is on the family card, he will also be given a relief amount of Rs.6,000.
Tokens have been issued to the Migjam Cyclone Flood Relief Fund and steps have been taken to distribute Rs 6,000 in cash through Fair Price Shops. Meanwhile, there is confusion over who will get the Mijam cyclone relief funds. In this situation, minister Thangam Tennarasu has said that Rs.6000 will be given to all ration card holders in chennai as a storm relief fund. Similarly, he has said that Rs.6000 will be given as a relief fund to the rain-affected circles in Tiruvallur, Chengalpattu and kanchipuram districts. Responding to the question whether those without ration cards would also be affected, the minister said that relief can be given only according to some metrics. Accordingly, the ration card has been set as the criterion. Those affected can appeal to the government, he said.
Responding to the critics of tamil Nadu government's storm recovery measures and relief plans, minister Thangam Tennarasu said, “In december 2011, AIADMK was holding a general committee meeting when 'Thane' storm ravaged Cuddalore. In 2015, they opened the Chembarambakkam lake and submerged Chennai. In 2017, when Cyclone 'Ocki' ravaged Kanyakumari, the ministers were campaigning for the rk Nagar by-election. In 2018, the then chief minister Edappadi Palaniswami was attending a temple festival when Cyclone Gaja hit the Delta region. But now we ministers are in the field since the storm hit till this moment.” said.
He said that like the AIADMK government did not stick stickers on the relief items, he said, "We are not saying ring the bell and tap the plate like the leaders in Delhi. During the Corona period, the tamil Nadu government acted as an example of how to deal with a natural disaster. Similarly, now various measures are being taken in heavy floods as well.” said.
Annamalai is saying that the central government will give the relief amount of Rs.6000 given by the tamil Nadu government. annamalai, which is presenting criticism, should take steps to get the relief amount we have asked for from the central government. Thangam Tennarasu has responded by saying that he should try to get the GST balance owed by the Union Government. In 2015, the then chief minister Jayalalithaa asked for Rs 10,000 crore as relief. Thangam Tennarasu pointed out that compared to that, only Rs 5,060 crore has been asked for.

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