Chhattisgarh: TS Singhdeo congratulated Vishnu Deo Sai


Reactions of chhattisgarh Congress leaders are coming to the fore on the election of vishnu Dev Sai as CM.

Former deputy cm of chhattisgarh TS Singhdeo has congratulated him and also expressed hope that Vishnu

Dev will work for the development of the state and will especially pay attention to the backward areas from the

point of view of development.

Speaking to news agency ANI, TS Singhdeo said, I wish him all the best. Now he will work as the cm of

chhattisgarh and not of the Bharatiya Janata Party. We hope that he will work for the development of the entire

state along with Surguja region. Especially, we will give priority to those areas which have lagged behind in

terms of comparative development and will take everyone along.

Hope that we will continue the journey of justice - Bhupesh Baghel

Singhdeo also congratulated Vishnudev through X and described him as a simple leader. Singhdeo wrote,

Congratulations to senior bjp leader, simple-natured Kunkuri mla Shri vishnu Dev Sai ji for being elected as

the chief minister of Chhattisgarh. I hope that you will work with full devotion and dedication for the

development of Surguja region as well as the state. Before the former deputy cm, former cm and Congress

leader bhupesh baghel also congratulated him and said that it is expected that he will work for the development

of Chhattisgarh. Will take forward the journey of justice and progress.

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